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Equipment needed for webcam models


The necessary equipment to become an adult webcam model can be basic and it is very likely that you already have everything you need to get started. If not, then the computer is the only really expensive part, at the end of the post we will tell you a strategy to improve the equipment you have.

There are also some team suggestions that will make your shows more entertaining and profitable.

What kind of equipment do camera models need?

Once you have everything you need, there are no other costs associated with becoming a webcam model and there is no interview or hiring process. Just check your account and age and start acting! This is what you need to get started. meet our guide for beginners

The equipment you need to start camping

This is what is absolutely necessary to start working as a webcam model. Without this equipment, you cannot work. There are also some additional items listed below.

Digital copy of identification (cedula or ID) with photo

You will need a digital copy of a government photo ID to prove your identity and age. This requirement applies to any website that you subscribe to. This is due to a federal regulation that requires each adult media outlet to document the age of artists.

Computer for a webcam model

You will need a computer to work on the Internet. Familiarize yourself with the website requirements of the camera you are subscribing to. Most new computers should work properly.

If you are a Mac user, please make sure the software can work on Mac computers as some webcam sites require Windows to work.

It is recommended to use a Windows computer.


Using a high definition webcam is highly recommended. You will make more money if you stream in HD quality, rather than using a standard webcam for your laptop.

Anything you can do to improve your presentation will ultimately result in a better program and more profits. If you only have one webcam for your replacement laptop and you can't afford an HD webcam, you can still get started, but he suggests you upgrade as soon as possible.

Internet of high speed

You will need a high speed Internet connection. If the connection is too slow, your shows will lag and most networks require a certain download speed or higher.

It is also suggested that you use a cable to the pc from the monden instead of wifi as this will make your connection faster and your programs better.

Space or room to act

You will also need space to act. Most models will broadcast from their own room or from a certain room dedicated to the exhibition. It is recommended that the camera is well lit, clean and not distracting. You don't want anyone to come in during your performance.

How to prepare the show space for webcam models

Preparing the showroom is a very important part of getting started. Many models carry their shows from their bedroom. This makes sense since there is a bed in this room that is a convenient place for the show.

Other models will have a place in your special home. In this way, all the accessories and toys are in one place and the walls can be used for white boards that can be used to list the users with the highest tips, play tip games and more.


There are some useful things to have in your broadcast room, whether you broadcast from the bedroom or a dedicated room. Furniture, to begin with. It's nice to have a bed and a desk in your bathroom.

The bed is a great setup for the show, but it's also nice to have a desk to sit on, especially when you're hanging out for a free chat.

Backdrops / Green Screen:

With curtains you can get really creative and help change the scene of the show. There is a wallpaper that can be used to easily change the walls and backdrops. If you really want to be able to turn things around, think about creating a green screen!


Lighting is also an important part of the camera. If you have good natural lighting, you can use it during the day. If you don't have natural light or if you spend the night with your camera, you may consider using a 3-point lighting system. There are professional settings that you can buy online, or they are quite easy to make as a DIY project.

Sex toys: Dildos, vibrators and interactive toys.

Although this is not a requirement, but sex toys are very convenient for the show, and the more toys the better!

There are a lot of different types of toys to choose from; dildos, vibrators, fucking machines, anal toys, the list goes on !

There are also interactive sex toys that work with the vibration feature on the webcam pages.

Dildos for Webcam Models

There are tons of different types of dildos, and each of them has its own place in the backstage show or clip production. When buying a dildo it is important to ensure that you get a good material.

It is better to use non-porous material, as it does not contain bacteria or other germs. There are other considerations, such as the style of the dildo, its size, and its artistry.

Realistic looking dildo:

It is a good idea to have a slightly realistic looking dildo for role play or role play style clips. In this type of content, the dildo should represent the client's penis, so it is best to look as realistic as possible.

Fantasy dildos:

If you want to have fun with your shows and clips, there are some really fun options. For example, Bad Dragon and Geeky Sex Toys are two brands that specialize in fantasy sex toys.

Glass dildos:

If you're looking for an easy-to-clean, germ-free dildo, glass is always a good address.

Glass dildos are very body-friendly and their replacement with plastic / rubber can add variety to the backstage show.

Vibrators for webcam

Vibrators are great, too. Like dildos, there are tons of different vibrators to choose from. They range from massagers like Hitachi to vibrating dildos and much more.

There are several lines of vibrating sex toys that are also synchronized with different cameras, allowing models to offer interactive 'end-to-end' shows.

Interactive tip-to-vibe fireworks shows.

As mentioned above, interactive "tip-to-vibe" backstage shows are not only popular, but also very profitable! These shows are usually held in symbolic / public places, although interactive sex toys can also be used in closed sessions. The main producers of interactive sex toys are Lovense and Kiiroo .

Please note that not all webcam sites are synced with these two brands, so make sure your site is compatible before purchasing.

How interactive camping shows work

Before offering interactive tip-to-vibe programs, you must first sync the vibrator with the camera site. This is done through mobile sex toys and the bluetooth app.

The directions vary depending on the production of the sex toys. After synchronization, the camera models can adjust the parameters (how long and how strongly the toys vibrate depending on what is tilted). After adjustment, the toys will vibrate whenever the customer advises.

Customers are required to give tokens to vibrate the toy, which causes a very profitable constant stream of micro-tips.

Suggested additional equipment

Underwear / Suits

The more sexy clothes and underwear you have in your closet, the better. Although you probably spend most of your time naked or half-naked, the ability to change your appearance helps your show.


The lubricant will always be helpful.


You want to look your best at every show. With all the makeup and cosmetics you need to look good on a webcam.


If you plan to perform in any show that requires Accessories, you will need these things. For example, you can't have a fetish show with food without food or a baby oil show without baby oil.

Wireless keyboard and mouse:

Having a wireless keyboard and mouse will help you type and work on your computer without annoying cables. This is useful if you show that you are not constantly sitting at the computer.

Don't you have to buy some equipment? Use "Amazon Wish List"!

Wish lists allow fans and customers to pamper you. Amazon wish lists are the most popular and most widely used, but there are several brands that support wish lists as well.

These range from sex shops, lingerie stores and much more. If you can't afford everything you want to buy for your professional camera, you can always put everything and everyone on your wish list.

Getting pampered by fans is an easy and inexpensive way to get all the camera gear you want!