125 Live Deal Adjustment Headed To The Board – Post Bulletin

ROCHESTER – A revised agreement between the city and 125 Live will be considered on Monday.

The issue returns to Rochester City Council six weeks after members called for further discussion of concerns raised by two youth swimming organizations, regarding the dedicated use of the recreation center’s hot water pool.

While the 125 Live deal covers a variety of issues, from providing free space for the city’s accessible recreation program to funding renovations to an incomplete space, the focus has largely been on providing access to the hot water swimming pool, which was added during the expansion of the leisure centre. to provide senior center facilities.

The original proposal devoted 70 hours per week to 125 live programs, leaving 32 hours available for recreation center rentals, which include youth programs and private events.

The revised agreement shifts two hours each Saturday morning from dedicated 125 Live usage to be available for the Rec Center. This allows the Rochester Swim Club to rent the pool and provide swimming lessons during this time.

“The deal has been over two years with a lot of give and take,” Rochester Parks and Recreation Director Paul Widman wrote in an email provided to the council after further discussion and review. “The Park Board and Parks and Recreation leadership team are confident that the agreement represents the best option for providing community programs and services made possible by this state-of-the-art facility.”

The park board reviewed the agreement and proposed changes at its July 12 meeting, but did not conduct a formal vote, as final approval is a decision of the board.

Prior to the Park Board review, city staff and representatives from 125 Live and youth swim organizations met to discuss concerts related to the original document.

Rochester Swimming Inc. was represented by Pat Carroll and Brad Thatcher, and Rochester Swim Club CEO Autumn Kappes represented her organization at the June 27 meeting.

125 Live was represented by Executive Director Sylwia Bujak Oliver and Chairman of the Board Matt Hogan.

Although discussed by many involved to raise concerns, the revised agreement is not supported by everyone.

In an email to city staff, Rochester Swimming Inc. president Bill Shaughnessy said he opposes the revised deal, citing concerns that 125 Live is not paying for the use of the swimming pool, but youth organizations are required to pay rent for the leisure centre. facilities.

“The swim club continues to pay the recreation center approximately $200,000 a year in rental fees for the hot water pool and 50-meter pool,” he wrote in the email, estimating that dedicated 125 Live usage would cost over $172,000.

He said the proposed deal “gives the farm” a $108,000 grant and free use of the pool.

At the park’s July 12 board meeting, Rochester City Deputy Administrator Parrish said waiving the 125 Live pool fee was part of the city’s partnership to provide services to older people to the community. He pointed out that the agreement also provides free access to the 125 Live space for the city’s accessible recreation program, which cost the city.

Park board member Mark Bilderback said the alternative would put the senior citizen program and other related expenses on the city.

“If we didn’t have them, we would pay to run these programs,” he said.

At the June 20 city council meeting, 125 Live chief operating officer Ken Baerg said a review of similarly sized cities that run city programs for seniors shows they spend between $2.2 and $4.6 million per year.

According to 125 Live’s federal tax forms, his 2021 expenses were nearly $1.2 million.

In addition to adjusting the pool schedule, revisions to the 125 Live agreement call for quarterly meetings with all organizations that regularly use the recreation center space to review the schedule of events and discuss operations.

The city council will be asked to approve the updated agreement at its 7 p.m. meeting Monday in the council chambers of the city-county government center.

Meetings scheduled for the week of August 1 include:

  • City Council Study Session, 3:30 p.m. Monday In the council chambers of the City-County Government Center, 151 Fourth St. SE. The meeting will be broadcast live at www.rochestermn.gov/meetings/council-meetings and will be available on Spectrum cable channel 180 or 188 and Metronet channel 80.
  • City Council, 7 p.m. Monday in the Council Chamber of the Government Center. The meeting will be broadcast live at www.rochestermn.gov/meetings/council-meetings and will be available on Spectrum cable channel 180 or 188 and Metronet channel 80.
  • Physical Development Committee, 8 a.m. Tuesday in Conference Room 4 at the Government Center.
  • Administrative Committee, 8 a.m. Tuesday in the Board Chambers of the City-County Government Center, 151 Fourth St. SE.
  • Board of County Commissioners, 9 a.m. Tuesday in Government Center Council Chambers.
  • Health, Housing and Human Services Committee, Wednesday at 10 a.m. in Conference Room 2 of the City-County Government Center.
  • Planning Commission, 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the Government Center Board Rooms.
  • School Board, 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Edison Building Conference Room, 615 Seventh St. SW.

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