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How to get paid on chaturbate

If you want to know how to charge in Chaturbate you should know that it has several payment methods that may interest you. Payment methods are very diverse and allow you to receive money in many different ways.

Keep reading our post to find out which of the payment methods on Chaturbate are the best and which of them is best for you.

Payment methods on chaturbate


Epayments (No Processing Fees): Epayments is an international payment provider that enables companies to conveniently pay their employees and vendors. In this case, use Chatharbat as the payment model.

Payments are authorized by the FCA and give your customers a Mastercard that can be used at any ATM. They currently have more than 600,000 clients. If you want to use this payment method, you can register here.

Check by mail

Check by mail (no handling fees): With Chaturbat you can also receive payments by mail. This option is only suitable for models who live in the United States, as receiving checks when not in the United States takes too long and requires several weeks.
If you do not live in the United States, we recommend that you choose another option.

Direct deposit

Direct payment (no filing fees): This is the most common option for models living in the US , as there are no filing fees. This is a recommended option if you live in this country, as payments are made quickly and without delay, which, combined with the absence of fees, makes it a very good option.
Direct deposit is only available to models who live in the United States.

Check sent by FedEx

This option is priced at $ 40 if you live in the US and $ 80 if you are an international model. The difference with mailing checks is that delivery with Fed Ex is much faster, but there is a hefty fee to pay for it. This is not the option we would choose.

Wire transfer

This option is priced at $ 45. Without a doubt, it is the safest option for models who do not live in the US, since they can transfer the money directly to their bank account. The downside is that each payment, as we have already said, has a fee of $ 45.


Paxum is an electronic wallet , like many others on the Internet. If you choose this option, you will be charged $ 0.50 for each payment . Once you have registered, you will need to confirm your Paxum account by submitting the necessary documents. After that it may take 5-20 business days for the Paxum card to be shipped.

Due to its comfort and very low prices, it is one of the most used options among South American and Spanish models. The downside is that a Paxum account, normally linked to a bank in a tax haven, will never be as secure as a bank account for life. You can register here on Paxum.

Cosmo Pay

In COSMO Pay, the fee for each payment is $ 1, which is another UK-based payment processor that is also widely used on international models. The time it takes to verify accounts and send cards can vary a lot, although they are generally quite fast.

Fill out the payment information form

This is the last step before recording. You can also record without filling out a form if you don't already have a Paxum or Firstchoicepay payment card. Don't worry about the chips, they will accumulate until you have prepared this step.

Then go to your profile, to the " Token statistics " tab. If you have already completed and accepted the age verification, you can take this last step; if not, wait until it is accepted.

You will find the link " Payment information form ", click on it. A new window will open and you will have to fill it with your real data.
Fill everything with an asterisk (*).

Fill in the form from top to bottom, do not leave any point out. Because if you are asked if you are a US citizen (probably not) and you say "no," the form will automatically be shortened.

I think the hardest thing to find when filling in the form is the " payment information" and the "certificate ". In the first case, all you have to do is indicate which card you have, the full name of the cardholder, and the minimum amount of chips you need to receive in order to be sent money.

Transfer the tokens to dollars

Every time you finish transmitting or before the final date of the two fortnights , you must pass the tokens to money , so that it arrives in dollars to your account.

In the tab "tokens statistics" in my profile, as you can see in the image, you will find "Click here to transfer tokens to cash".


Click there, the number of tokens you have will appear on a new screen, and you will only have to press the orange button where it says "convert into cash".