$ 5 billion for a community response to gun violence included in the household’s budget plan


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NEW FROM THE TRACE: Four secret cases that could change the landscape of gun regulation. Legal challenges to firearms restrictions have been on the rise since 2008, when the landmark Supreme Court ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller established the right to own a firearm for self-defense. The ruling overturned a ban on handgun possession, but left the constitutionality of other gun restrictions in abeyance, and for the past decade judges have refrained from making any further rulings. major to further define the scope of the rights of individuals to own firearms. . “There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty about the exact limits of the Second Amendment, and that kind of uncertainty generates litigation,” said gun law expert Timothy Lytton. From bans on high-capacity magazines to age restrictions for handgun buyers, Brian Freskos presents four major inferior court cases that experts say could leave a lasting imprint on Second Amendment case law.

House committees include $ 5 billion for community-based violence intervention in the proposed budget. The money is currently split evenly between the judiciary and the energy and trade committees and reflects Biden’s call for historic investment in his jobs and infrastructure proposal in April. House committees are currently drafting the precise text of the Build Back Better Act, the massive budget bill that Democrats in Congress are trying to push through using reconciliation. The proposed $ 5 billion increase in funding for anti-violence initiatives echoes a request from Fund Peace, a coalition of black-and-brown-led groups formed in February as part of efforts to secure government financial support for struggling community programs that have long struggled with small budgets and sporadic funding.

Two middle school students arrested for planning a mass shooting. The 13 and 14-year-old boys from Harns Marsh Middle School in Lee County, Fla., About two hours from where the Parkland mass shooting took place, were arrested at the end of the last week for allegedly actively planning an attack. Police said the two had researched the Columbine shooting and studied how to make bombs and buy weapons on the black market. “I am sure my team of dedicated assistants and detectives acted quickly, investigated thoroughly and prevented a very violent act…” said the local sheriff.

The man who allegedly threatened to shoot Nancy Pelosi pleads guilty. Cleveland Meredith Jr., 53, admitted being charged with communicating interstate threats after driving from Colorado to Washington, DC on Jan.6 with a pistol, rifle and 2,500 rounds. He admitted to texting a parent about “putting a bullet in [Pelosi’s] noggin on live TV. During a hearing, he told the president his words were “political hyperbole.” In return for Meredith’s guilty plea, prosecutors dropped three gun charges against him. He was the 65th out of nearly 600 defendants to plead guilty to charges related to the Capitol uprising.

Airsoft gun cache attracts big police response in Washington, DC On Saturday, officers temporarily detained two people suspected of having a mine of weapons in their truck near the Capitol; the items turned out to be toy replicas. The false alarm came as city officials and US Capitol Police braced for the possibility of unrest and violence ahead of a right-wing rally on September 18, intended to honor those accused of the insurgency. More of the trace: Since 2015, police have shot and killed 243 people holding replica firearms, according to a Washington post database. Alain Stephens reported on the lucrative licensing deals that gun manufacturers make with toy companies.

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60 – Austin, Texas homicide count so far this year, the deadliest on record with more than three months yet. Last year, the city recorded 48 homicides; the previous record for homicides was 59 in 1984. [Austin American-Statesman]

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