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OnlyFans: paid subscriptions - what is it?

OnlyFans is a premium social network that allows models to earn money through monthly subscriptions. Your profile and your content on OnlyFans will be blocked until someone pays the subscription price for activation.


Start as a model at onlyfans

The user must continue to pay the monthly subscription fee to access the content of the site. Here you can find all the information about OnlyFans.

Quick platform information:

  • Services: Fan Clubs, News, Tips, Cummings.
  • By gender: Women, men, transsexuals, couples.
  • Percentage of model: 80%
  • frequency of payments: On request, weekly, monthly.
  • Payment options: ACH, Paxum, ePayments, SEPA
  • Minimum payment: $ 20- $ 100
  • Other surcharges: It is not closed.
  • Country blocking: Yes
  • DMCA Services: No
  • Studio / Producers: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Yes

What it takes to work at onlyfans

The only basic requirement to get started is that you are at least 18 years old. When you sign up for a modeling account, you will need to provide a digital copy of your ID card with a photo to verify your age.

All genres are welcome, and anyone over the age of 18 can join the OnlyFans program and earn money.

How much do OnlyFans models earn?

OnlyFan models account for 80% of all transactions that take place on the website. Models can set their own subscription prices and personal messages.

The minimum amount you can currently charge for subscriptions is $ 4.99 per month. There is no maximum amount for a subscription. The minimum amount for a paid personal message or tip is $ 5. OnlyFans will pay all refunds, and they will not be deducted from the artist's earnings.

The more subscribers you have, the higher your monthly income will be. Assuming that the performer can continue to increase their subscription month after month, the monthly income will grow steadily with the subscription. Many models make more money from subscription services than from backstage or clips.

Payments: Minimum payments, payment schedule and payment options

Payments for fans only will be made upon request. OnlyFans offers several payment options. These options vary depending on the location of the OnlyFans model.

American artists have the option of ACH / direct deposit. Foreign models have electronic payment options, Paxum and bank transfer.

European models have SEPA in addition to e-wallets, and Canadian or Australian authors have direct deposits in addition to e-wallets and wire transfers.

Minimum payment amount of onlyfans

The minimum payment amount is between $ 20 and $ 200 , depending on the payment option. Models have the option of establishing weekly, monthly or on demand withdrawals.

How to make money at onlyfans

Premium fan club subscriptions

OnlyFans main activity is subscription to premium fan clubs. All your content is censored / blocked until a member subscribes to it.

Once subscribed, they can access, comment on and interact with your content and send you messages. To keep accessing the content, they must renew their subscription on a monthly basis, which creates residual income for you!

Premium fan clubs can be very profitable. $ 15 a month is not that much, but with 100 subscriptions it becomes $ 1,500. With 1,000 subscriptions it becomes $ 15,000.

As you can see, platforms like OnlyFans can be very profitable as the number of subscribers grows.

The minimum amount you can charge for subscriptions is $ 4.99 per month. The maximum amount you can charge for a subscription is $ 49.99.

Sending paid messages

You can also send paid messages to your subscribers. Your fans will have to pay to unlock the message and access the content.

Payment messages are tightly integrated into your regular messaging feature. To send paid messages, simply download them through Messenger and set the price.

Your fans will be automatically charged when they confirm that they are willing to pay and view the multimedia content of your message. The minimum amount you can charge for a paid message is $ 5.

OnlyFans Features

Platform optimized for mobiles

OnlyFans is very mobile. By synchronizing your browser with your mobile phone, you can also create and upload photos or videos directly from your mobile phone. This is ideal for downloading select and similar content. Think Snapchat, but based on a browser.

Start a free OnlyFans account for private paid account promotion

You can also open a free OnlyFans account by setting a zero subscription price. Many influential fans of OnlyFans open public and private accounts.

Since the premium account is censored until the user has signed up, the public account offers potential subscribers a brief summary of the quality of the content.

Free accounts can also be monetized with blocked content and paid messages, which means that free accounts can also be monetized.

Since all OnlyFans users are required to enter credit card information when signing up, they are one click away from becoming paid subscribers, and free account promotions may be enough to pay the premium.

Offer discounts and free litigation

OnlyFans also supports discounts and free trials. This feature allows you to offer discounts to new subscribers and those who have already expired.

OnlyFans models will have full control over the number of subscriptions available at that price, the number of discounts and the expiration date of the offer. Set the duration of the offer, limit it to the first number of subscribers or create free trial versions setting a 100% discount for a specified period of time.

OnlyFans Partner Program: 5% Revolver for Life

All OnlyFans models have access to the referral program. With the referral program you can invite other influencers to become OnlyFans.

When someone registers an account through your referral link, you earn 5% Revolver for life on all your earnings! Referral earnings are processed on the first day of the calendar month and transferred directly to your bank account. The minimum payment to win the transfer is $ 10.

Regional blockade

Onlyfans allows models to crash around districts. There is a drop-down menu that contains all the countries that can block models. In addition to regional blocking, OnlyFans models can also block individual IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses.

Get started with the OnlyFans model!

Are you ready to get started with OnlyFans? Sign up today ! Registration is quick and easy, and you can get started in no time! OnlyFans is a highly paid network that allows you to earn residual income by managing your own premium fan club. We invite all genres, and anyone can earn money on the site.

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