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Become a Chaturbate model and earn money by broadcasting live.

Guide to everything you need to know to become a webcam model on chaturbate.


How to become a Chaturbate model.

Chaturbate is a website with high traffic, percentage and opportunities. Becoming a Chaturbate model is quick and easy . Anyone who is eighteen or older and has the necessary equipment can earn money performing live on Chaturbate.

In addition to making money talking on a webcam, Chaturbate models can also earn money selling videos / galleries and through a premium membership in fan clubs.

Here is all the information on how to become a Chaturbate announcer.

Quick information:

  • Services: Camming, Clips, Fanclubs
  • By gender: Female, male, transgender, couples, groups.
  • Model Earnings: 5 ¢ / chip
  • Payment schedule : Daily *
  • Minimum payment: $ 50
  • Payment methods: Check, ACH, Paxum, Bitcoin.
  • Cam-Splitting: Yes.
  • Geo-Blocking: Yes
  • DMCA Services: Yes
  • Partner Program: Yes
  • Study accounts: Yes

What does it take to get started on chaturbate?

The only basic requirement to become a Chaturbat e model is that you (and everyone who interacts with you) must be eighteen or older. You (and anyone else who acts with you) will have to pass an age test before you can start working online.

There are also some equipment requirements, but chances are good that you already have them all. Here's everything you need to become a Chaturbate webcam model:

  1. Computer : Windows or Mac. It must be possible to run Adobe flash.
  2. Webcam : HD is preferable, but a normal laptop webcam can work. If it is not HD, please update it immediately!
  3. High speed internet : Must be high speed. A cable connection is offered (not WIFI).
  4. Digital copy of your ID : You will need a digital file with your government photo ID. This is necessary to verify your age and identity to comply with accounting and tax requirements. His true identity is always kept secret.
  5. Venue to broadcast : You will need a venue for the performance. Most models use a bedroom or a special camping room.

All sexes are allowed: Female, male and transsexual

All men and women have the right to be Chaturbate TV presenters: women, men and transsexuals can create accounts.

Chaturbate also supports couples and group accounts (of any sexual orientation). It is important to know that if you are talking to a couple (or a group), everything must be checked and associated with your account before going on the air.

How Much Chaturbate Models Earn

Chaturbate models earn 5 per token. This is around 50%, but the exact percentage varies depending on the token packs customers purchase (larger token packs are available at a discount).

The earning potential is great, but each model is responsible for generating its own tab menus or private sessions.

Collection methods, minimum payments and payment schedule in chaturbate

The minimum payment for most cash withdrawal options is $ 50.

Payment is made regularly twice a month, but models can request a daily payment for an additional fee of $ 3.95. Know the Guide on how to charge in chaturbate

These are the charging options that Chaturbate supports with processing fees:

Payment rates

  • ePayments (No processing fees)
  • Check mailed (no processing fee)
  • Direct deposit (no handling fees, US only)
  • Check sent by FedEx (USA: $ 40.00 / International: $ 80.00)
  • Payment by transfer ($ 45.00).
  • Paxum Payment ($ 0.50 Processing Fee)
  • Payment via Bitcoin ($ 3.00 processing fee .

How to make money with chaturbate

These are all ways to make money, like a chaturbate station.

Live webcam show

Chaturbate is first and foremost a place to broadcast. There are many different types of shows that models can perform, and each type of show wins differently.

There are also apps and bots (Chaturbate app store) that can be used to extend the functionality of live performances, making them even more creative, interesting and profitable. Here are all the shows and options available for Chaturbate:

Public shows

Chaturbate is primarily a public webcam. It's different from other sites that don't allow public nudity, and instead require models to take clients to a private chat room.

As a public site, there are many more potential ways to earn money on public chat than on other sites. These are some of the most popular ways to earn money from public chats.

Tip Goals: Most public programs work with Goals. There are applications and bots that help you achieve your goals.

There are often mini-targets that slowly grow to a larger target. Once the goal is reached, the model performs the show. The idea is that everyone who watches can give the amount necessary for the show.

Tipping games: Hint games are also very popular. There are many apps and bots dedicated to tipping games in public chat. Some examples are Roll the Dice , Token Keno , guessing games, and much more.

If you look in the app store, you can see what games are available and the average earnings per hour.

Goals menu: Many models include a goals menu in their profile. This can be used to indicate how many tokens you need for specific actions. It can also be used to sell other things, such as Snapchat access, social media tracking , etc.

Interactive sex toys: Interactive tip to vibrate shows are very popular and profitable. Chaturbate cooperates with the leading manufacturers of interactive sex toys. Even though the tip is small, these shows are still profitable, because viewers need to tip consistently to keep the show going.

1 to 1 private shows (paid per minute) on chaturbate

Shows 1 to 1 are private and are charged per minute. Shows are usually arranged before a private session begins. This is done to make sure you like the type of show the customer wants and to avoid surprises.

It is recommended to make a list of the shows you offer on your profile page. This will give potential customers an idea of ​​what you are offering. If you list the type of fetish they like, they will offer you a private show.

Peeping Tom / Spy Shows (charged per minute)

It is also possible to include spy shows. With spyware enabled, other Chaturbat members will be able to spy on any personal session you are conducting.

Spyware is charged by the minute and models can set rates. Enabling spyware is a great way to earn even more money on private sessions.

Sale of video and photo galleries

In addition to making money from a live camera, you can also sell photo and video content directly from your Chaturbate profile page.

Simply upload a photo or video, choose whether it is public or premium, choose the desired symbolic amount for each purchase and it will automatically appear on your profile! The great thing about selling content packs is that you have the potential to make money even when you're offline.

Launch of a private fan club

If you sell photo and video content on Chaturbate, you can also activate the fan club feature. The fan club feature allows people to subscribe to all of your content instead of buying each one individually.

Also, your name will be displayed in green in your chat room. This is a way to easily identify Fan Club members and you should always pay more attention to any Fan Club member than you would to anyone else except your best customers / dump trucks.

Learn more about: Fan Club with Chat

More features

Applications and bots:

Built-in app store in Chaturbat. One of the great features of Chaturbat is its apps and bots. This is a complete app store built directly into Chaturbate! The possibilities created by the applications are almost limitless.

They do a ton of things, including following target tips, making interactive sex toys responsive to tips, adding chat game tips, and much more! The "Apps and Bots" section also shows the average tips that the applications generate!

Fully customizable profile pages

Chaturbate is one of the few sites that supports fully custom profiles. Includes many HTML elements. Since you can code things in your profile, the possibilities are almost endless. Even without encryption, a lot is possible.

There are also some tools that make things easier. Some of them were specifically designed for Chaturbate profile design.

More information: Tips and tools for designing Chaturbate profiles.


Block users from certain countries or states.

Chaturbate offers regional blocking capabilities. Chaturbat models can also block countries for certain places, regions, and states. For example, American artists can block certain states.

This will prevent the chat and content from being shown to anyone in your home state, region or country.

Assignment of moderators:

Better chat management, A moderator is a Chaturbate user who works together with a broadcaster to ensure a quality broadcast for both the broadcaster and the viewer.

Chaturbate models can designate any user as a moderator, and they can also set the expiration date for the moderator privilege.

Moderators can communicate directly with the broadcaster, encourage viewers to tip toward the goal, give viewers an introduction in case of broadcast issues, and more.

Perhaps the most important job of a moderator is to view the chat log during a broadcast. By carefully examining what viewers are saying during a broadcast, moderators can silence the user for breaking any rules a broadcaster may have.

Allows you to broadcast on various websites

Chatharbate allows you to break cameras. Special camera splitting software is used to broadcast to multiple sites simultaneously.

This allows models to hang out in public chat on various sites. This can increase the chances of a private broadcast, since a private broadcast can take place on either site.

At the end of the private session, the interpreter can return to the public on different networks.

Affiliate / referral chat program

Chaturbate also has an affiliate program that webmasters and models can promote. With the affiliate program, you can earn commissions by attracting new customers to Chaturbate.

Receive money for each free registration or lifetime revenue share for all token purchases. This is a great way to earn extra income from your website. You can learn more about the Chaturbate Affiliate Program by clicking the link below.

Study accounts on chaturbate

Chaturbate supports studio accounts. After creation, studios can add models through special registration links.

Chaturbate pays for the studio directly, and the studio pays for the models based on their agreements.

There are two different types of studios: physical studios, which provide space for performances, and digital studios, which are expected to continue offering services such as consulting and traffic to justify the interest of the studio.

Register as a Churbate station

Ready to start working as a webcam on Chaturbate?

Sign up today! Chaturbate is the top camping site with high traffic, percentage and opportunities.

In addition to broadcasting, they also make money from content sales and fan clubs. Plus, take advantage of apps and bots, fully customizable profiles, and more. Chaturbate accepts all genres, including couples and groups, and the registration process is quick and easy. Meet our guide on how to be a webcam model