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How to set up or create a legal webcam studio in Colombia?

The correct way to set up or create a webcam studio is a legal way. Today HomeRailWayJournal brings you the detailed steps to do it.

Steps to set up a webcam studio

Commercial Registry of the company in Chamber and Commerce as a webcam study

You can establish yourself as a natural or legal person, and we recommend the Simplified Corporation, known as SAS

Preferably, the corporate objectives of the SAS are broadly defined. So if you want to join other companies, you can do it with the same legal document.

An example of the corporate purpose of founding a webcam studio:

  • The main purpose of the company (or me, if it is a single person) are the following actions:
  • Organize events, meetings, exhibitions, consultations, investments and business in general, nationally or internationally, by physical means or through the Internet.
  • Holding events of all kinds through the Internet, recreation, entertainment and pleasure.
  • Marketing, promotion, execution and presentation, nationally and internationally, of all types of entertainment shows presented physically or virtually through the Internet.
  • Celebration of contracts and representation of legal and natural persons.
  • Operation and commercialization of all kinds of entertainment shows at national and international level, both physical and virtual, through the Internet.
  • The promotion and physical and virtual advertising of activities for this commercial purpose through the Internet.
  • The commercial exploitation of artistic activities in general, both physically and through the Internet.
  • Carrying out other complementary, related, suitable or necessary commercial activities and / or acts for full compliance with the corporate objectives of this article, and that are directly or indirectly related to the activities described in this article.

Any act or contract that is appropriate or necessary for the full fulfillment of corporate objectives can be developed, as well as any legal economic activity that can be carried out in Colombia or abroad.

Please note that this is a corporate purpose that describes various types of business activities, including those carried out over the Internet, and therefore includes model webcams.

Register as a webcam studio on chaturbate: Link in the image


Create RUT for webcam studio

The Single Tax Registry (RUT) is nothing more than an ISIC code before Dian and Customs. The code is chosen according to the level of business you want to carry out.

The Internet offers everything from free recreation and entertainment to entertainment. As an example:

  • 9004: Creation of audiovisual materials
  • 9609: Other personal services not included in other categories.
  • 4791: Internet retail trade
  • 6312: Web portals

Certificates of operation for a webcam studio:

Below that you have to edit several certificates:

The concept of profitable land use from municipal planning or city administration:

It is inconvenient to install a webcam studio in a residential area because you will not get a work permit and if a neighbor complains about your business, it will be closed.

Suggestions for monitoring the house where the study will be located:

Fiber optic networks must be available for installation. You must call the internet operator to verify coverage.

Certificate of Hygiene and Health from the Ministry of Health:

They are simple and certify that your studio is capable of hosting your work team.

Fire safety certificate:

This certificate certifies that your studio is capable of accommodating your work team: It is a certificate that certifies that your studio meets the requirements of human safety, fire risks, hazardous materials and fire protection systems necessary for the establishment .

3.4 A letter to the police informing them of the start of their activities.

Pay Sayco Acinpro tax:

If you use music or copyrighted works in your webcam studio, you must pay the corresponding fees to the Sayco & Acinpro Organization (OSA). To do this, you must register your study with the organization and pay a monthly fee.

Hire your employees properly:

This is in accordance with the contracting laws of Colombia.

Subscribe contracts with your models:

Get the models and emphasize that they must be of legal age.
Keep in the folder the type of mandate contract entered into with the model, in which you sign a notice of what you are transmitting over the Internet, and attach a copy of your identity document to this folder. PLEASE request the documents that begin with the identity card (identity card in the case of Colombians) and certify the information with another alternative document or passport, driver's license or civil registry.

Pay social security and parafiscals for webcam models

Implement the Occupational Safety Management System:
It consists of a series of improvement measures to anticipate, detect, evaluate and control the risks that may affect health and safety at work.

Original windows software

The fourth step is to make sure that all computers have genuine Windows. Avoid trouble. In the event of a hacker attack, the absence of original software on your computers will result in the confiscation of your computers or, worse, a $ 1 million fine for hacking.

As every company in Colombia must pay taxes at this point, you should contact a trusted accountant.