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Earn money using Chaturbate fanclubs

Get to know this practical guide to chaturbate fanclubs .


Information about fan clubs on chaturbate

Chaturbate is a leading token page that offers its models a wide range of money making opportunities.

One of these services is the premium fanclub . To access exclusive content, customers must pay a monthly subscription fee. They also stand out in chat rooms with a name in green letters instead of the standard color. In this post you can see all the details of how the Chaturbate fan club was created.

How much do Chaturbate fan clubs pay?

Fan clubs pay the same token value as they pay for the sale of photos and videos. The great thing about fan clubs is that they create residual income on top of what you earn when you broadcast.

This is because subscribers must pay their monthly subscription if they want to remain in the fan club. Learn how to charge on chaturbate

How to enable fasclubs in chaturabte?

To open your fan club, go to the " My Profile " page and click on "Settings & Privacy" . Once the fan club settings are activated, you can select the price point you want to charge customers to become fan club subscribers.

Choice of Fan Club Settings »when uploading videos

When you upload videos to Chaturbate, there are several options that actors can choose from. They can choose whether they want to buy the video publicly (free), only for fan club members, or for sale. Here are all the options:

  1. Everyone: Your photoset or video is available for free to everyone.
  2. Fan club: Only people who have joined your fan club can view the photo set or video; they cannot be bought by other people.
  3. Fan club or buy: The photo or video collection is free for fan club members. None of the fan club members can pay with tokens.
  4. Buy Only: All users, including fan club members, must pay in tokens to view their photo or video network.

Start broadcasting on chaturbate

The names of the fanclub members in the chat are shown in green.

The names of the fan club members in your chat will be displayed in green. This makes them stand out from the crowd and makes them easily recognizable as members of a fan club.

This makes it easy to identify your fan club members and ensures that you pay attention to them.

How to make money with chaturbate