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Make money selling videos on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is one of the preferred places to broadcast on webcam. While the focus is on webcams, there are several ways for artists to make money.

One of these ways is to sell the video directly from your chaturbate profile. In addition to selling individual content, models can also make content available through fan clubs by charging a subscription fee for access. Here you can find all the information about selling videos on Chaturbate.

How much do the models earn?

Models can set the price for each video. Video and fan club sales earn the same 5 cents per marker as camcorders. Since videos have the potential to generate income as long as they can be purchased, the amount of money a video can make is somewhat limitless.

Earn money without being online

Another good thing about selling content is that you don't have to be online to generate sales and income. Even if you are not connected and you do not work with a webcam, you can buy the video in your profile.

Chaturbate takes care of the entire payment process and customer access, so it is not necessary to be online for the sale to take place.

Sell ​​video vs subscribe to fanclub

There are two ways to earn money from content uploaded to your profile. Either you sell individual pieces of content or through a subscription to a fanclub . By enabling the fan club functionality, artists can charge a monthly subscription fee to access the content.

This creates residual income because the customer must renew the membership monthly to access the fan club content.

When uploading the content you have the following options:

  1. Everyone - Your set of photos or videos is available to everyone for free
  2. Fan club: Only those who have joined your fan club can view your set of photos or videos; other people cannot buy them.
  3. Fan club or buy: The photo or video collection is free for fan club members. None of the fan club members can pay with tokens.
  4. Buy Only: All users, including fan club members, must pay in tokens to view your photo or video network.

Clip Sites: More Places to Sell Videos

If you plan to sell the video through your camcorder, it makes sense to post the video on the clip websites as well. That way, you can reach a large audience.

Also, clip sites are more focused on selling video, so the content on these sites tends to perform better. Showing videos for sale in multiple places (even on your camcorder's website) is a very smart move.

Learn how to earn money as a webcam model on chaturbate

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