Aranáz presents perfect summer accessories through the ‘Weave Play’ collection – Manila Bulletin

Founder and designer Amina Aranaz Alunan tells the story behind the brand’s Spring/Summer 2022 line

Weaving is one of the handicrafts that truly upholds Filipino history. Everything is done by hand, from the preparation of the materials to the intricate braiding process, creating a true work of art that speaks to what Filipino style is all about. For the season, local brand Aranáz continues its mission to spread that through its latest line of accessories dedicated to Filipino craftsmanship.

Dubbed ‘Weave Play’, the brand’s collection features an exploration of various weaving techniques and natural materials interpreted in sophisticated silhouettes. Curved rattan, crocheted raffia, braided woven inserts and a panoply of intertwined leathers are the constituent elements of this season’s pieces.

“Because this is a collection that we also export around the world, we worked on it around April-May 2021, in time for the market weeks of the global fashion calendar,” said the founder. and creator of Aranáz, Amina Aranaz Alunan, at Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “This is the second mainline collection we’ve created during the pandemic. Admittedly, it is difficult due to the various blockages and the unpredictability of the markets. »

Accessories styled with fashion designer Charina Sarte’s clothes, Aranáz brings to the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 13 perfect summer looks that are chic invitations to relive the joy of travel and rediscover the country’s tropical beauty. One of her signature pieces is the Punto hat made from Buntal straw with wooden bead pom poms for style. Another is the Curba, an elegant piece made of hand-folded rattan and a tnalak poached. And Lagrima and Mezcla handbags offer fun ways to add color and texture to a white linen look.

“It’s always been about showcasing Filipino history through fashion – with peace of mind, the heart of handmade,” the designer reflects.

Check out Aranáz’s “Weave Play” collection below:


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