Book lovers day 2020: history and meaning of the day


Book Lover’s Day, also known as National Book Lover’s Day, is celebrated on August 9 each year. It is an ideal day for groups of people who like to read books. Book Lovers Day 2020 is seen on Sunday 09 August.

On this day, honor all beloved readers and books throughout your life. If you are a cherished book yourself, then indulge yourself with some quality reading time. Reading books has been shown to be fun and have some health benefits. Reading books will reduce stress, help you sleep better, and keep your brain in good shape. Hence, Book Lovers Day is an ideal day that entices people to buy a book and spend the whole day reading books.

On this day, explicitly, people around the world are encouraged to put away their cell phones, and every conceivable technological breakthrough, and read a book.

What is Book Lover’s Day?

Book Lovers Day is a special day for all bookworms or people who enjoy reading books. It is a day for all individuals to read. This day invites you to find a decent place where you can relax, read the book you want and spend the day reading. Likewise, during this day, activities such as reading stories to children, writing books, participating in book exchanges, visiting libraries, etc. are conducted by individuals as a method of celebrating the day.

Book Lover’s Day: History and Meaning

The creator or organizer of Book Lovers Day is still unclear. In the beginning, books were designed to facilitate the writing and drawing of people who could not carry stone tablets. At first the book was made of parchment or vellum which is securely bound with the wooden cover. The more frequently the wood spread was wrapped in leather to prevent the wood from getting wet. Over the days, modern printing capabilities have made books cheaper and easier to print. The typewriter, the printing machine, and the computers all had the available impacts of books.

These days we have cell phones, tablets, and PCs for reading books, making it easy to carry a small library to get the most out of where you are. The bibliophile is the person who likes to read, collect and respect books. They continually accumulated a huge collection of books. Bibliophiles don’t need to have the books they like; one option is to respect them in old libraries.

The notoriety of electronic books is booming. E-book or electronic book refers to a book length publication in digital form. They are only accessible via the web. In any case, they are also available on CD-ROM and in various forms. They can be read either by PC or through the handy book display gadget known as e-book reader like Reader, Nook, or Kindle.

Today, due to the upsurge in electronic gadgets that can be used to read news, articles, and stories, the traditional technique of reading books is declining over time. PCs, tablets, and most phones currently offer reading accessibility and e-books and tablets are quickly becoming an option unlike hardcover books. Nevertheless, to influence the importance and the pleasure of reading a real paperback book, the National Day of Book Lovers is praised.

How was the book made?

Surprisingly, we didn’t refer to any documents regarding how the books were first created. We definitely don’t know what the first book was. In any case, we realize that the first versions of the books used vellum or parchment as pages. They were often covered with leather or wood for insurance.

What is the history of books and how did they become widely used?

As papermaking became a major industry, book printing became famous. A large number of copies of books could now be printed in a printing machine. Many libraries storing and collecting books began to appear. Bookstores have opened and sold different kinds of books composed by various writers. Various types of books created include children’s story books, fiction, facts and knowledge, academic books, almanacs, dictionaries, reference books, etc.

Modern books

Nowadays, we still have a lot of accessible books. However, a unique type has emerged: digital books. These books are not in physical copies. We call them e-books or electronic books. They can be read from a digital gadget, for example a PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Why celebrate Book Lover’s Day?

Celebrating this occasion is important for book lovers as well as for all individuals all over the world. Books have become so unique and supportive in our lives, so we need to spend the day respecting the books we have. It’s a day to read the books you haven’t read by this point or just the books you want to read whether you’ve read them already or not.

How to celebrate Book Lover’s Day?

Celebrating Book Lover’s Day is very simple and easy to remember. If you are a book darling, spend all day reading the books you love. Clean your shelves and upgrade all the books on the shelves to meet the day. You can also empower children and youth groups to read books by clarifying the benefits of reading books. You can also organize a book-themed meeting to make the day exceptionally extraordinary. You can use the hashtag #BookLoversDay to communicate your views through social media.

Whatever the preference, just reading a book at home with a cup of tea, or sharing a reading meeting with companions, or in any case, going to the library and using the right books on those shelves is the method. ideal for praising it. daytime. Book Lovers Day celebrates all book lovers around the world.

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