C. Blythe Andrews instrumental part of Tampa’s first black newspaper

TAMPA, Fla. — ABC Action News celebrates Black History Month in February by spotlighting lesser-known Black Americans who have made a major difference in the lives of people in the Tampa Bay area.

“C. Blythe Andrews came to Tampa from Jacksonville in the 1930s and first worked in the insurance industry,” said Fred Hearns, historian at the Tampa Bay History Center. , he was the publisher of the Florida Sentinel Bulletin.The Florida Sentinel Bulletin for many, many years was published twice a week.

“Today it is published once a week. It is the only black-owned newspaper in the state of Florida that has all of its own printing press equipment and that equipment was purchased by C. Blythe Andrews many years ago,” Hearns said.


The Florida Sentinel Bulletin newspaper provided needed journalism for the black population of Tampa Bay. A place where black journalists could showcase their communities.

“The Florida Sentinel Bulletin brought information to black people that they could not get from daily newspapers. They brought a lot of positive news, society news, information about things that black people were doing on a positive note all over the world, and the Florida Sentinel Bulletin newspaper also provided jobs for dozens of young men who sold the newspaper on street corners, delivered them to places of business all over the city. The Florida Sentinel Bulletin is still one of Florida’s premier state publications.

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