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IMPHAL, November 3: For the first time, Chief Minister N Biren Singh hosted a traditional party for the Ningols of Manipur (Ching-Tam Ningol Chakkouba) at CM Bungalow today.
Education Minister S Rajen, Minister PHE Losii Dikho, MPs-K Robindro, Dr S Ranjan, H Dingo and men and women from different communities took part in Ching-Tam Ningol Chakkouba.
On the sidelines of the party, the Chief Minister said that the different communities of Manipur have coexisted harmoniously in the state since time immemorial.
Saying happy to see people from different communities attending the party in their traditional attire, N Biren argued that Manipur is indeed a colorful society of several ethnic communities.
The Chief Minister further stated that Ningol Chakkouba is a festival of the Meitei / Meetei community celebrated on the second lunar day of the Hiyangei month of the Manipuri calendar.
On the happy day of Ningol Chakkouba, married women come to their parental home with a festive atmosphere to reunite with family members for a feast, N Biren said.
The Prime Minister also expressed his joy in organizing the party.
In order to preserve and showcase the rich culture, tradition, arts and crafts of various tribes in Manipur, Chief Minister N Biren Singh virtually inaugurated 29 tribal museums in 10 districts in a solemn ceremony held today at the Secretariat of the Chief Minister.
At the reception, the chief minister said the government has decided to build 32 tribal museums in the state under the aegis of Manipur State Archeology, Department of Art & Culture.
He urged everyone to avoid the habit of looking down on small communities.
It can be mentioned that these museums were built by the relevant deputy commissioners in consultation with the respective tribal chiefs.
The museums that were inaugurated today are museums for Anal, Chothe, Lamkang, Monsang, Moyon, Tarao, Amol, Maring, Mate, Chiru, Kharam, Koireng, Thadou, Purum, Gangte, Paite, Zou, Kom, Simte , Vaiphei, Thangal, Mao, Maram, Inpui, Zeme, Hmar, Tangkhul, Rongmei and Kabui.
Minister PHE Losii Dikho, Minister of Education S Rajen, Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Manipur K Robindro, Chairman of the Manipur Construction Workers Council and others H Dingo also attended the inaugural ceremony. , among others.

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