Day by Daybook® provides a simple and revolutionary method that helps put individuals in a winning mindset when experiencing a life change.

The Day by Daybook® breaks down the best parts of a planner and journal into small records that work with people’s busy schedules while providing an easy way to log behaviors and activities to maximize their energy.

Day by Daybook® leads the charge in guiding individuals through any life change by unveiling a unique Guided Planner and Journal that presents a simple, formulated approach to improving self-awareness while tracking daily, monthly, and weekly progress.

Noelle Van Vlierbergen, the creator of Day by Daybook®, came up with this revolutionary method to help people deal with the changes in their lives as she looked back on how she started her healing a decade ago.

“I was a master at neglecting my health and avoided paying attention to how I felt at all costs. I worked crazy hours in fast-paced work environments and let everything happen to me. with no idea how to take control of my own well-being,” says Noelle.

After doing her best to deal with the emotional ups and downs that eventually surfaced, she started journaling. This pivotal decision opened her eyes to the importance of putting her thoughts on paper and following the behavioral patterns that were showing up for her.

The Daybook is a trusted companion, providing the essential handles needed to guide individuals through even the toughest times. Noelle says, “We all know that journaling isn’t for everyone. The Daybook provides a way to jot down those insights from your day that can reveal so much in just a few minutes.

The Day by Daybook® method is simple. Individuals are asked to log their thoughts, rituals, and activities (TRAs) and perform mood checks throughout the day, prompting them to observe mood patterns and identify behaviors that uplift or challenge them. lower. This simple method helps individuals build the perfect formula for success while continuing to adapt along the way.

There are three versions of the Daybook that include the same method. the Log recovery is designed specifically for addiction recovery, while the Classic newspaper is for people who are going through a life change. the Teen day diarywas created to help teens access and express their emotions in healthy and productive ways during difficult times.

The Daybook team is also passionate about impacting the corporate world. After two years of pandemic-induced restrictions, many employees have felt or are feeling anxiety about returning to the office. Managers and business leaders can join the Good Returns Program and welcome returning employees with the Day by Daybook® to help ease the stress of returning by providing a way to manage their day-to-day wellness.

It allows organizations to show their support as their employees adjust to a “new normal” with a guide to help them readjust and get started.

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Anne, a recent client, described the Day by Daybook® as a “simple and engaging way” for her to set goals and track progress.

“Being able to see how mood, actions and diet are so intertwined has made this an invaluable self-awareness tool,” Anne wrote in a review.

Katie, another client, wrote: “If I didn’t have a prompt or a guide, I wouldn’t be keeping a journal. I love that this planner checks the same things every day, with room for customization. This is meant to track real progress, not dreams or fanciful questions.

Finally, Jessica adds, “I’ve found her format so helpful in keeping things simple, especially during this crazy year.”

Change is all around us, and after the challenges we have all faced and continue to face as we enter this new year, it’s great to have this extra support to guide us along the way. .

Those who want to learn more about Day by Daybook® can visit the website for more information.

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