DOD issues 5G flight bulletins, launches joint impact test

U.S. Defense officials have alerted military flight crews to the potential for 5G interference and are investigating the potential impact of 5G on military flights through a joint interagency test with the FAA, FCC, U.S. wireless operators and other stakeholders.

“The Department of Defense (DOD) takes flight safety issues seriously and works closely with other stakeholders to keep our employees informed of FAA advisories, guidelines, and policies regarding the implementation of the 5G in national airspace,” a US Air Force spokesperson said. FLYING in a report.

“While we don’t yet know the impact of 5G on aviation safety, DOD is participating in a joint interagency test with the FAA, FCC, wireless carriers, airlines, and aircraft equipment manufacturers to determine the effect on aviation. The team wants to understand what is possible with the deployment of 5G and use this information to guide us on how to maintain flight safety. We will be performing bench and on-the-fly testing over the next few months. »

The news comes as the FAA and the aviation industry have warned that signal interference could affect radio altimeter performance on some aircraft when landing in low-visibility weather conditions. Some altimeters have been cleared for use in the new environment.

On Thursday, the FAA issued new approvals that allow about 78% of the U.S. commercial fleet to make low-visibility landings at airports where wireless companies have rolled out 5G C-band.

“The DOD continues to work closely with our FAA counterparts on this issue. All departments have issued field/fleet bulletins, advising crews of interference risks and establishing a mechanism to report instances of interference. FAA NOTAMs for civilian airfields also apply to military aircraft,” the Air Force spokesman said.

The DOD initiated the Joint Interagency FiveG Radar Altimeter Interference (JI-FRAI), which is a rapid reaction test (QRT) funded by OSD Joint Test and Evaluation. The test is intended to address what benchmark bench testing of 5G avionics should be as well as the impact 5G C-band will have on DOD fleet equipment.

As part of the investigation, the DOD conducted live flights this week as a test for larger scheduled live flight events February 21-March 4 and March 21-April 1. All three events have industry participation providing 5G mobile equipment for testing. avionics, the DOD said.

The QRT is funded until August 2022.

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