Fall is the new summer


Did you feel it?

Not the icy reception sometimes received by the decisions of the coaches and other boards of directors in any of our cities. It can happen at any time of the year.

It was the other night. A cold wind blew.

We knew it was happening, by the calendar and the changing sheets. But some (read “all”) summers are too short. And this year was no exception. This week, by calendar and nature, fall has come. But just like 50 is the new 40, fall can be the new summer.

Do you wear short sleeves? Continue to wear them. Just move faster if possible, to warm up faster. Carrying a load also helps. So avoid taking tablets to keep reading. Take real books, hardcover, the heavier the book the better; either a saga or coffee table book will do, or philosophy.

Don’ts: paint the leaves green.

Do: Take a walk in the woods or sit by the woods with mostly evergreens. They also looked like this this summer. He will continue the illusion.

Do: Eat a popsicle ice cream. You just have to eat it inside.

What not to do: take another motorboat ride, just one. Do not do it.

Do: buy shorts. This is something you could do in the summer, in the spring itself. And they could be on sale now.

What not to do: wear them. It’s Maine!

Positive farewell thought of the week and alternative to the tips above: enjoy the foliage, optional sweaters!

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