Halle Berry shares how she found her groove in her 50s, Dolly Parton and James Patterson team up for a new novel and album, and more

WASHINGTON, January 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the February/March issue of AARP The Magazine, star cover Halle Berry discusses her latest project and directorial debut “Bruised,” rock hitmaker John Mellencamp shares a look at her retirement, the ‘Hot In Cleveland’ actress Valerie Bertinelli shares his most significant life lessons and unexpected collaborators Dolly Parton and James Patterson talk about “Run, Rose, Run,” their new novel and accompanying soundtrack.

Plus, an insightful breakdown of the latest robocall scam, 10 important warning signs you might have heart disease, and an informative guide to visiting America’s biggest cities on a budget — all in February. /March 2022 problem of AARP The Magazine.

In this issue of AARP The Magazine:

Cover story: Halle Berry
Fresh out of her latest movie “Bruised”, AT M met the Oscar-winning, Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actress Halle Berry, delving into her “life-changing” role and her directorial debut. Globally known and celebrated for her captivating performances, the actress also shared an intimate look into her family life, opening up about how she recently found balance and happiness as a parent, partner and professional. She looks to the future with optimism, evoking true connection, inner beauty, feminism, equality and diversity.

Valerie Bertinelli
The ‘Hot In Cleveland’ actress breaks down the biggest lessons she’s learned in her 6 decades, offering heartfelt insight into her connection to food and the culinary upbringing of her late ex-husband’s mother, how she owns her regrets, why she doesn’t take things personally, the importance of feeling your feelings, and more.

by John Mellencamp 7 tips for living your best life
The 70-year-old rock star shares her secrets to productivity and problem-solving, meaningful friendships and the importance of continuing to create something every day.

Dolly Parton and James Patterson on the forthcoming novel and soundtrack “Run, Rose, Run”
thriller writer James Patterson and country music legend Dolly Parton Talk with AT M about their unexpected collaboration, upcoming novel and soundtrack “Run, Rose, Run,” which would be one of the most creative book-writing partnerships. The novel hits the stands March 7.

movies for adults® Price 20and Birthday party
For two decades, AARP’s Movies for Grownups program has championed movies for adults, by adults, advocating for audiences over 50, challenging industry ageism, and encouraging movies that resonate with older viewers. Get acquainted with the best movies, TV shows and talented people who have been nominated for the upcoming awards ceremony.

“The Whole Body Reset”: Your New Scientifically Backed Weight Loss Plan
You don’t have to gain weight as you get older. This is the innovative idea behind “The Whole Body Reset”. The plan presents startling new evidence on the power of “protein timing” for middle-aged people, disproves the myth of slowing metabolism, and changes the way people in their 40s and older should think about food. Read an exclusive excerpt from AARP’s upcoming book in this issue of ATM.

Health Report – 10 sneaky signs you might have heart disease
If you have bad breath, swollen ankles, or hip pain, you may be noticing the first signs of heart disease. AARP health experts identify 10 little-known signs to look out for that may indicate the presence of heart disease.

Money Special – The only tax guide you’ll need in your 50s
As Tax Day approaches, AARP’s resident money and financial experts reveal whether you can save more on your income taxes this year; share 10 crucial truths about our tax system; explain how to reduce property and sales taxes; and help you improve your thinking – and perhaps, soften a little – about taxes in general.

Fraud Watch – The Truth About Police Support Calls
AARP Doug Shadel warns you to beware of America’s latest telemarketing blitz – calls for police support. While persuasive callers may frame their request as a charity, many are actually from organizations that pocket virtually all the money. These “fraudulent political action committees” operate at the margins of the law, with little oversight. Here’s how to respond to such calls and find out for yourself how best to support your local police.

Big cities with small budgets
The secret to a great vacation in Chicago, New York Where Los Angeles without spending a fortune? Act like a local! Travel writers living in these and other major US cities share their secrets for enjoying their hometown by avoiding tourist traps and finding hidden (and inexpensive) joys, whether food, activities or neighborhoods to stay.

Blue collar by day, red carpet by night
Albanian immigrants Tefta Bejko and Bujar Alimani share their real-life stories of working in services to support their families and fund their award-winning films. Despite the challenges they faced, the couple persevered to meet their family’s needs and fulfill their dreams by Hollywood.

About AARP
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