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SHE DISENGAGES: Looks like a new mother and Vanderpump Rules Star Lala kent canceled his three-year engagement at Randall “King of Geezer teasers“Emmett. On Sunday, she deleted all photos of the father of her 7-month-old baby from her Instagram account and liked a post about him cheating on her on a trip to Nashville. Videos of Randall being hanged with two young women were circulating on social media, prompting Lala to move into a hotel. “Randall still leads a double life,” a source told “Page Six”. “He lives the life of a husband or boyfriend, then he lives the life of a serial party animal, then goes for a bender.” Wasn’t it just this last episode of Pump rules where she said she didn’t expect Randall to change? Oh, how right she was!

COMMITTED 19 TIMES: With the termination of all these commitments, Teresa giudice is actually getting into one. People paid, I mean, got the exclusivity on Luis Ruelas ask the question on a beach in Greece. It’s different from his first engagement to Joe Giudice, where he was on the beach covered in grease. There were candles, rose petals, a violinist and choreographed fireworks as Luis “surprised” Teresa in front of a giant Marry Me sign. that she had this ring on her finger, I wouldn’t be shocked if she knew this was all going to happen, at least a little.

LOVE TANK: We all know that Vicki Gunvalson also broke up with her fiance, Steve lodge, but the details get sharp while getting a little more blurry. Yes, this story is like smoking a really good pot. When Judge Tamra Posted in support of her friend, Vicki informed her followers of what really happened, at least according to her: No Christian would do what he did, ”she wrote. “While I was out of town on a business trip, he took her to my condo in Mexico! He flaunted around my town in OC kissing in public places. It’s disgusting. “It was the business trip when she was shooting real housewives all star 2? Because, as we discussed in the last newsletter, he allegedly broke up with her while she was at the damn Blue Stone Manor. The exchange was captured by Bravo’s Comments if you want to see more.

Steve, however, paints a very different picture. He told “Page Six” that their relationship actually ended in December and Vicki wouldn’t leave him alone. Since he thought they were done, I guess that means he wasn’t cheating? He was even tougher when speaking to Hollywood Life, accusing him of buying his own engagement ring for his proposal on RHOC and do all of that “to come back to a show, any show.” He told the website, “I’m not famous and I don’t want to be. I wanted to get my life back. I don’t know, running to the press, running for governor – it seems Mr. Lodge presents himself a lot for someone who isn’t interested in being famous.

FRIENDS OF THE COUSIN OF NICKI MINAJ DE POTOMAC: The very widespread Nicki Minaj A meeting hosting stunt actually happened, as Andy Cohen confirmed on his Instagram. At the end of the reunion, he says he “surprised” the women and let Minaj go to town on them. Well if we all knew how much of a surprise was that? The first press reports say she came strong for Candiace Dillard, and to be fair, if I was Andy or Nicki’s, I myself would have been tough on the salad hothead. Nicki said in an Instagram Live video, “I normally know who I can be like that with, and I can tell they’re tough enough to allow me to be tough on them. I went to get the chinstrap with them. I would opt for the chin strap on their outfits, which are, um, very pink.

Can’t say I’m not excited, but it comes at a difficult time for Nicki as she faces the backfire of a tweet about her cousin’s friend’s claim that he has had inflated balls after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. And just because she’s on the RHOP the reunion doesn’t mean she finally got the vaccine: according to TMZ, the reunion was filmed in New Jersey, where all members only had to get a negative PCR test. Hmmm. Why not shoot in New York as is often the case with meetings? Maybe because of the vaccine requirements?

FILE UNDER “DUH”: The sun reports that Lisa Vanderpump want to be back RHOBH after his shows Vanderpump dogs, Over Served With Lisa Vanderpump, and perfect doggie all tanked in the odds. Oh and Vanderpump Rules is also out of breath. Only 627,000 people logged in to the season nine premiere, which is almost exactly half of the 1.2 million people who logged in to the season eight premiere. Their source said Lisa will only return for $ 2million per season, which is just short of the biggest Housewives salary (which goes to Kandi Burruss, which exceeds this mark a little). There’s no way she’ll get it, especially because Erika the legal drama will continue to consume the spectacle. How can she add $ 2 million in value? Lisa also apparently wanted to stay fired Pump rules cast members Stassi Schröder and Kristen Doubt, but Bravo canceled it. I see them more likely to come back than Lisa for RHOBH, TBH, LOL, SMIFFEE, LGBTQIA +, JKLMNOP.

RICH WOMEN DOING THINGS: Speaking of RHOBH casting, there are reports that season 12 of the series is in production to capitalize on Erika’s continued legal drama. Usually, contracts for the following season come out about two weeks after the reunion airs, so it seems on the right track. Apparently the entire cast will be back, which, considering how strong this season is, isn’t at all silly. Apparently the production asked Kung Minkoff Crystal to get a little more into the drama when her ugly pants aren’t insulted, and Us weekly reports that Erika will demand a much higher salary. Legal bills are not cheap, hunters.

MEREDITH MAKES THE PLACE: Do not dare to opt out of this event at the next Vulture Festival. Mother-son duo Meredith and Brooks Marks will have a conversation with a live audience in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 14. Maybe Meredith will tell us if she really has made call the feds on Jen. Buy your tickets here.


· Jen Shah will need to update their LinkedIn profile to include the host of a strip club party. She makes what is presumably a paid appearance at the New York Hustler Club tonight, just months before her fraud trial. As I just said, these legal bills don’t come cheap.
We are sorry to report that Meghan King Edmonds can’t call herself MKE, PI, now that she’s married Cuff Biden Owens first Housewives wedding ceremony in the presence of a sitting president. She will now be called Meghan O’Toole King Edmonds Biden Owens III, PI.
Reserve your place on the next edition of the Housewives Institute Ultimate Girls’ Trip now. A zero dollar deposit is required.
· Paris Hilton‘s Alice in Wonderland– themed engagement party at Kathy hiltonthe house of many RHOBH members, including Garcelle Beauvais, Kung Minkoff Crystal, Dorit Kemsley, and, of course, the aunt from Paris Kyle richards. Wait, if RHOBH is already filming, will it be on the show ?!
· Sutton strake organizes a back-to-school sale in his shop to pay for his registration at the law school.
· A cordial welcome to the Institute for this “niece” of Jennie Nguyen who took to TikTok to say her aunt’s story about having more kids was totally rigged for the camera, among other filth. We appreciate the announcement.
An official Housewives Institute Gold Medal for Freedom was awarded to Patrick sproul for his article in The independent on the current state of the housewife. This decision was not influenced by him at all, including several choice quotes from the one and only Dame Brian Moylan in the article.

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