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The spring publication of the SGGP newspaper, presented at the 2022 National Newspaper Festival. (Photo: SGGP)

Through 16,138 daily issues, under the direct leadership of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee, the SGGP newspaper has overcome various obstacles, subjective and objective, to uphold the principle of being the mouthpiece of the HCMC Party Committee , municipal authorities and residents of HCMC.

In the face of fierce competition in the era of Industry 4.0, when it is rather simple and easy for almost everyone to quickly disseminate information, regardless of reliability, SGGP Journal members have tried endlessly to upgrade under the care and supervision of the HCMC party committee as well as the loving companion of readers. Operating under the financial autonomy mechanism, the newspaper has caught up with the latest news dissemination trends through several publications on different platforms to serve all groups of readers.

Understanding that despite the popularity of social networks, the community needs accurate and reliable information and in-depth analysis of information about the nation and the world, SGGP Newspaper has hired competent professional journalists who possess a sharp mind to maintain the trust that readers have placed. on.

He has also conducted many highly influential community services for 47 years, such as Letter Writing Contest, Vo Truong Toan Awards, Vietnamese Golden Ball Award, Beloved Rice Bus to Care for the Poor during the Covid-19 pandemic, childbirth support program. to help pregnant women in need, the Bulletin Board in memory of those who died because of Covid-19.

Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward Party Committee Secretary Pham Hoai Minh Tan (in Thu Duc City) shared that being a loyal reader of SGGP newspaper both offline and online, he completely trusts the information provided here, especially to news policies and guidelines of the Central Party and the government, to make propaganda to local residents. The journalists of this newspaper have always been professional, sharp and dedicated in their work.

He recommended that the SGGP newspaper be faster in updating hot and sensitive news, at least in its online version. True, it is necessary to check the accuracy of the information, at present it is still a little slower than some other newspapers. Faster news updates are an effective way to prevent offensive and confusing information on social media from negatively influencing the public.

Director of Thong Nhat Hospital Le Dinh Thanh said he had a good habit of updating news via SGGP newspapers every morning before his shift. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic last year, citizens were asked to stay at home and could only learn about the world through newspapers. The SGGP newspaper has done a good job of correcting misleading and misguided information carelessly distributed on the Internet. Moreover, thanks to his invaluable experience, he has published many useful articles that accurately reflect the opinions of the public towards the authorities. It has become a bridge to bridge the gap between local government and citizens.

He then suggested that the newspaper should always upgrade in terms of time to quickly provide reliable information to the community and increase its competitiveness.

Hoang Trong Ton, a war veteran living in Binh Thanh district, said the delay in updating recent information from SGGP log is understandable since HCMC entered social distancing time last year, which which makes it more difficult to obtain and verify information. The good point is that the SGGP newspaper has been exceptionally reliable in providing new guidelines and policies of the Central Party and the government, political events, current situations of the nation and the world.

He hopes that in the future, the paper will focus more on the results and challenges of adopting policies and guidelines, such as accommodation for low-income road construction projects. He discovered that the SGGP newspaper published standard information with a very clear direction for public thought, without being impatient or hasty. This clearly shows the maturity of the staff.

General Manager of Soc Trang Province Water Supply JSC. Dang Van Ngo explained the reason why he chose SGGP newspaper to update national and international news. Nowadays, it is not at all difficult to get news from the Internet, but it is extremely difficult to verify it. He trusts the accuracy, reliability and professionalism of the articles of the SGGP newspaper, which has timely updated burning stories taking place in the Mekong Delta region, whether in the fields of environment , traffic, agriculture, education or health.

By Staff Writers – Translated by Thanh Tam

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