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In recovery, the journey of self-discovery is underway. There is always more to learn about yourself and if you don’t pay attention to the little things you might miss the bigger messages.

One of the most powerful actions you can take to recover is to witness your own experience. Now more than ever, your senses are heightened and it’s time to look within and make the changes needed to propel yourself forward.

It means opening our eyes to everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. Taking the time to think is a skill in itself and takes practice. It involves tuning in to the subtle signals you receive on a daily basis and focusing on those little nuggets that at first glance may seem arbitrary, but – on closer examination – you discover that they contain a ton of important information.

“Journaling is an essential exercise in recovery because self-reflection through writing has such a profound effect on the healing process,” says Noelle Van Vlierbergen, Integrative Health and Addiction Recovery Coach and Creator of The Day by Daybook (, a guide journal for addiction recovery.

She says that “writing helps us stay grounded in our own experience and that is the reason for conscious recovery. Conscious recovery is something Noelle strives for every day. Showing up and being present has been a goal for her since the moment she started her journey over 7 years ago.

“Journalism literally saved my life. It allowed me to see my thoughts and the consequences they created in my life much more clearly once I started to write. Things were brewing that I didn’t even realize existed.

When Noelle started her coaching practice several years ago, she realized that the majority of her clients refused to keep a journal.

“I decided to create a tool to make exercise more accessible and engaging for them, so that they can experience all that this powerful practice has to offer.”

In order to truly heal, you also need to be open to understanding what behaviors are no longer serving you. The process is to track progress every day. It may sound tedious, but by doing this you start to see the patterns more clearly.

“The ups and downs of recovery can seem daunting and it’s so important to be able to think about it in real time,” says Noelle.

The system she created allows you to record your mood and daily activity, highlighting self-care and the short- and long-term effects it can have on your emotional and physical well-being over the years. time.

“The ability to connect the dots is huge. We may know we’re having a bad week, but don’t understand what factors may be contributing to it. It puts you in the driver’s seat with the ability to correct course.

It takes courage to know that some of the things you discover will involve self-examination, scrutiny and yes, wait… CHANGE. Either in action, or in perspective, or both. It also forces you to pay attention to how you feel every day, even when it’s uncomfortable.

“I see my Daybook as a responsible partner, always there to keep me in a state of consciousness. It helps me follow my feelings, capture my thoughts, recognize victories and inspire me to dig a little deeper as I continue on the road to recovery, ”says Noelle.

The Daybook was designed to be customizable, a trusted companion that reflects the personality of the writer. It’s a simple tool, but hidden within is a system that can add a whole new dimension to how you approach your recovery.

All it takes is an open mind, a pen, and a willingness to get started. As they say, you can’t change what you can’t see. And the magic is in the details.

Noelle Van Vlierbergen is the founder of Sober Moxie, an online resource for women in recovery and a bestselling author of The Sober Leap – Practical Wisdom for Creating an Amazing Life Beyond Addiction. For more information on the Day by Daybook, visit

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