Lake Superior Watershed Receives 2020 Lake Superior Magazine Award of Excellence


MARQUETTE, Michigan (WLUC) РThe Lac Sup̩rieur magazine recognizes a partnership from the County of Marquette for its dedication to Lake Superior.

“Each year since 1994, Lake Superior Magazine has selected an individual or organization to honor with our Lake Superior Achievement Award,” said Konnie LeMay, Editor-in-Chief of Lake Superior Magazine.

On Thursday, the Superior Watershed Partnership was named the recipient of the 2020 Award of Excellence for its significant contribution to Lake Superior and surrounding communities.

“The Superior Watershed Partnership has been on our radar for a long, long time for this award and has always deserved it,” said LeMay. “We have huge projects like the Town of Marquette which is restoring over a mile of Lakeshore and moving the road inland, these take years of planning and design, but they are coming true.” , said Carl Lindquist, director of the Superior Watershed Partnership.

Along with year-round projects like the energy program and hiring seasonal workers each summer, the partnership has contributed to projects on all four shores of Lake Superior as well as parts of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

“They’re kind of like the Swiss Army Knife of nonprofits, because they’re able to pull all of these various things together,” LeMay said.

Acting as steward of the lake and surrounding shores is the specialty of the partnership according to LeMay.

“We truly believe that a community in good physical and economic health will be the best able to protect the lake.”

Lindquist said he was proud the partnership was recognized for what it has accomplished over the past two decades.

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