‘METROLOGY BREW’ Newsletter – May 2 – Metrology and Quality News

Read a brief summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the last 7 days.

SMART 3D scanning with LIDAR and structured light scanners

Measurement service provider a3Ds from Germany specializes in optical measurements. Components of different sizes are measured automatically and without contact. a3Ds works with state-of-the-art equipment found in many production lines … Read more

Tolerance simulation software includes the effects of thermal expansion

Mechanical variation management experts Sigmetrix have announced their latest version of CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis software. CETOL 6σ is a powerful tolerance analysis software and has been specially developed to promote manufacturing efficiency … Read more

8tree expands use of dentCHECK for aircraft damage mapping

Horizon Air, a regional airline in the western United States, began using dentCHECK to improve the efficiency and quality of its aircraft damage reporting and mapping activities. “With dentCHECK, Horizon is able to quickly and accurately map dents … Read more

Laser optics are key to recent sustainable energy breakthrough

ZYGO Corporation is at the forefront of recent success in laser fusion, which opens up the possibility of a virtually unlimited supply of low-carbon, low-radiation energy. Today’s reliance on fossil fuels has obvious implications for ecosystems … Read more

AI-powered optimization software automates and digitizes to deliver digital thread

Middle River Aerostructure Systems (MRAS), a leading aerospace manufacturer of engine nacelles and aerostructures acquired by ST Engineering, has deployed Plataine’s AI-based optimization solution to automate and streamline … Read more

A researcher in optical sciences proposes a new method for measuring radio antennas

Joel Berkson, a third-year doctoral student at the University of Arizona James C. Wyant College of Optical Sciences and Steward Observatory, has developed a new way to accurately measure radio antenna surfaces, which are used to collect and focus radio waves … Read more

Augmented Reality System Simplifies Microscope-Based Manufacturing

The SZX-AR1 augmented reality system easily adapts to existing Olympus SZX series stereo microscopes to simplify complex microscope-based manufacturing tasks and simplify assembler training. Manuals, assembly instructions, images and instructional videos can be projected into the field of view of the microscope … Read more

Agile Robots receives $30 million in funding from Foxconn Industrial Internet

Agile Robots has announced that it has raised 30 million dollars (about 27.94 million euros) from Foxconn Industrial Internet (FII) in China. This is FII’s second strategic investment in Agile Robots. Previously, the company raised $220 million in its Series C funding round … Read more

Faro Technologies Announces First Quarter Financial Results

Faro Technologies released its first quarter 2022 financial result. Total sales were $76.7 million, in line with the prior year period; software sales, $10.3 million or 13% of revenue, remained in line with the prior year period. Operating expenses for the period were reported at $48.2 million, compared to … Read more

CyberOptics Announces First Quarter Financial Results

CyberOptics Corporation reported sales of $24.2 million for the first quarter 2022 ended March 31, an increase of 37% from $17.7 million in the first quarter 2021. Net income for the first quarter 2022 was $3.6 million, an increase of 149%. … Read more

BMW Group acquires stake in Process Automation & Digital Twin Enabler

The BMW group has taken a stake in its partner Kinexon. The two companies have been working together for several years to advance the full digitalization of the BMW Group production network … Read more

The iScan3D metrology-grade handheld 3D scanner offers the freedom to measure

API is showcasing its next generation iScan3D laser scanner at the CONTROL expo with improved optics and blue cross laser lines for fast and accurate generation of metrology-grade point clouds. iScan3D is the 3rd version of API’s metrology grade scanner … Read more

Verisurf software launches a new version 2023

Verisurf will demonstrate Verisurf 2023 at Control. Verisurf 2023 continues to refine metrology workflows with additional features designed to reduce time and improve efficiency for automated quality inspection and reporting, scanning, reverse engineering and authoring tools … Read more

Ideal platform for area measurement applications

The production of optical components in laser material processing, biotechnology, medical technology as well as semiconductor technology requires very precise surface measurements including non-destructive quality assurance. According to manufacturer Aerotech, the SMP is the optimal multi-axis motion system for such applications… Read more


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