Minnesota haute couture Kanye West rocks the Red Wings

RED WING – Kanye West is putting Red Wing in the spotlight on celebrity news and social media sites.

The rapper, producer and fashion designer was spotted wearing a pair of 17-inch electric safety boots in New York City.

Workwear is all the rage right now and West’s choice could spark some interest and demand for the brand.

Work clothing refers to the clothes and styles normally worn by people working outdoors or in the manner of manual workers.

“The shoes are a good place to start for this,” said Brooke Burch, owner of Brooke Burch Custom Sewing and Alterations. “Doc Martens started out as work boots and now it’s grown into a mainstream shoe to wear as an alternative fashion.”

She said sales of Red Wing boots could take off because West wears them.

“It’s very exciting for Red Wing shoes,” she said. “Maybe they can broaden their horizons because of it.”

Zoom in on Kanye West wearing Red Wing boots on January 4, 2022.


Carhartt hats and jackets are also finding a wider audience. Neutral colors that work clothes tend to have are also popular in mainstream fashion right now. Workwear can give off a powerful vibe, Burch added, which may be why it’s such a popular trend.

Nick Paget, senior menswear strategist at trend forecasting firm WGSN, told GQ Magazine that given West’s ability to set trends, he wouldn’t be surprised if the choices “sparked a rush. brand or a particular item “.

Emails and calls to Red Wing regarding the brand’s exposure were not returned Monday afternoon.

So if you need a song written or performed, a record produced, or some 220 volt work done around the house, it looks like West is your man.

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