Muharram Gives Universal Message of Perseverance and Sacrifice: Dr Farooq


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Sagar, Nasir and party MPs seek 24-hour facilities for worshipers

Srinagar: President of the National Conference of Jammu and Kashmir and Member of Parliament for Srinagar Dr Farooq Abdullah said on Monday that the holy month of Muharram, which also marks the first month of the Islamic calendar, gives the universal messages of peace, harmony, perseverance and piety towards humanity

In his message at the very beginning of the revered month of Muharram ul Haram, Dr Farooq said: “At the very beginning of the holy month, which marks the supreme sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Aaali Mukam (AS), I urge the younger generation to learn incomparable qualities which were in the personality of Hazrat Imam Hussain (as). The month is of great historical significance because it was during this month that the grandson of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), Hazrat Imam Husain (AS) sacrificed his life, as well as the members of his family and its associates for the sake of the cardinal principles set forth by the Holy Messenger of Islam (pbuh).

Meanwhile, Party Secretary General Ali Muhammad Sagar called on the administration to guarantee residents, especially areas inhabited by Shiites, all basic and efficient public amenities. “The administration has a duty to ensure a regular supply of water and electricity to people. Relevant departments are also expected to distribute an additional quota of monthly sugar, rice and wheat to consumers, as the demand for edible products increases dramatically during the next holy month. “

“The health department and relevant municipal corporations and committees should prepare to provide free medical assistance to the faithful. Roads leading to important shrines, Imam Bargahs must be properly lit and cleaned. I have received complaints that the main and secondary arteries leading to the shrines and Imam Barghaha are strewn with potholes. The administration is expected to immediately carry out the repairs and patchwork necessary to ensure the smooth movement of the faithful. I also urge the divisional and district authorities to set up stalls of pure drinking water on all main and secondary arteries for devotees. Special contact numbers for district and division officers and department heads should be widely publicized to ensure that SOS calls are resolved, ”he said.

Insisting on the need for Covid-19 protocols in place, Sagar said that due to the circumstances induced by the ongoing pandemic and the impending third wave, the administration should distribute free masks to worshipers and establish facilities for disinfection on all roads leading to shrines and Imambargahs.

Provincial party chairman Nasir Aslam Wani, MPs Muhammad Akbar Lone and Hassnain Masoodi also called on the divisional administration to ensure all basic and efficient public facilities and services to the people during the next holy month of Muharram ul Haraam.

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