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Posted on August 06, 2021.

By Judy Reed

Residents picked two candidates on Tuesday to compete for Michigan’s 28e The seat of the district senate and two townships in the region rejected three proposals on the ballot.

The Republican race for the 28e The district senate was close, with the three candidates getting just over or under 33% of the vote. Representative Mark Huizenga won with 9,531 votes (33.82%). Algoma’s supervisor, Kevin Green, received 9,357 votes (33.2%) and Rep. Tommy Brann received 9,272 votes (32.9%).

On the Democratic side, Keith Courtade won with 6,413 votes (60.94%) and Gidget Groendyk with 4,101 votes (38.97%).

Huizenga and Courtade will vie for the seat in the November ballot.

Voters in Nelson Township rejected two proposals on the ballot. The first was a mileage increase for Nelson Township to help support library maintenance, and the second was whether to authorize two licenses for processors and marijuana growers in the township.

According to Nelson’s supervisor, Robyn Britton, the funds are needed to buy a new boiler or other heating system for the library and to fix a leaky roof. Voters rejected the proposal, with 319 residents voting yes and 481 voting no. If passed, the increase would have brought in $ 88,427 in the first calendar year and would have lasted until 2024.

The second proposal was put on the ballot by resident Jason Fisher of J&R Auto Recyclers on Northland Drive. The Township of Nelson has chosen not to have any marihuana businesses in the Township. Fisher, who wants to become a producer and processor of marihuana, has petitioned to get it on the ballot to let residents decide. With 259 yes votes and 465 no votes, the vote was not adopted.

The turnout in Nelson Township was 21.36%.

The township of Sparta also rejected an ordinance passed by its council last October. Order 20-03 rezoned a 68.98 acre portion of the property located in the township at 9029 Alpine Avenue NW, permanent parcel # 41-05-35-201-002 of single-family home R-1 at low density and A-2 agriculture at the Open Space Planned Unit Development, to enable a future housing development called Hidden Prairie. The proposal asked whether the ordinance, as adopted by the township, should be approved. With 262 yes votes and 985 no votes, it was not approved.

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