Party Cannon: Party Till You Puke

The year is 2015. Barack obama is president, the UK is still part of the EU and To download Festival is titled by NOOSE, MUSE and KISS. It’s also how far you have to go back to find the last time PARTY CANNON released a full album, which was their first Bong Hit Hospitalization. New music has surfaced in the meantime, but seven years without a full album is a damn long time these days – not for lack of the band trying, though.

“The album was supposed to be released in 2017!” bass player shyly admits Chris Ryan. “It was really bad planning on our part – we released the first album, did a big tour of the United States, came back and wrote five songs that we really worked hard on, and then we got another offer. to tour the US We didn’t want to tour a single album that was two years old at the time, so those five songs came out as an EP, we toured and came back, did it again , wrote three songs, got an offer to play in Asia, so those three came out on a split EP, toured, came back, did it again and the pandemic happened, so for us it was a good thing because we actually had time to write the album!

He might say it’s bad planning, but since touring is a band’s main income and, when PARTY CANNON income from that initial 2015 tour, they had gone viral from there Bay Region death party programming poster, it seems to them justified to have continued to ride the wave at that time. Anyway, we now have a new album, the delightfully titled Vomit volumescombining searing death metal with the band’s now famous penchant for buffoonery and comedy without ever leaning too far towards the dumber end of the spectrum, a balance that Chris says comes naturally to them.

“It happens, you know? I think since we never set a limit on being a super serious death metal band and we’re equally influenced by ironic bands like WEEKEND NACHOS as we are by GOREGASM, we were able to introduce that sense of humor into our music in a more ironic way than anything else. Also, writing about topics that would typically be covered in grindcore and goregrind music just isn’t me, so we can write about more realistic stuff that connects better. If you want to be really pretentious about it, modernism is being sincere about things, post-modernism is being ironic about things, and method modernism is being sincere and ironic at the same time.

So this is it : PARTY CANNON, the first modernist metal band. New subgenres aside, there are plenty of pop culture references in Vomit volumes to be amused by, to Louis Theroux for The simpsons and this video of the Scottish lady scolding her children for not flushing the toilet. Perhaps the most relevant comes with the song Porygon Electric Soldier, which takes its title from an episode of Pokémon that sent over 600 children into seizures when it aired in Japan and has a new bulletin from the era before the song. More musically exciting, there are also guest appearances, one of which is EXHUMATEDit is Ross Wastewaterthat appears on the track Nauseous and unpleasant.

EXHUMATED are one of my favorite bands; our singer (Tony ‘Stony Gindsnort’ Reddie) learned to sing by copying Ross as a young teenager, so having him on the album was amazing. But even then, Nauseous and unpleasant is probably my favorite track – I think it’s 100% everything I love PARTY CANNON. From the sample at the start to the pig squeals, the slamming riff, the shifting time signatures, the fat chorus, the leaning towards New York death metal and the goregind at times, it’s just the perfect storm.

Chris also confirms that the band is in the process of writing their third album, with a particular focus on writing shorter songs; as he explains, with the band usually only playing 35-40 minute sets, they’d rather cram in as many tracks as possible than make time with one that could be used with two. And speaking of shows, there are plenty too, dates across the UK, a rare home country show in Scotland and a major US tour, their first for five years. As such, there are plenty of opportunities to see these self-proclaimed “party slam” loons play crushing riffs, have their fans do pit push-ups, and bring a host of inflatable items along the way. If you’ve ever wondered what death metal would sound like if it had comedic eyes on the springs, you’ve just found it.

Volumes Of Vomit is available now through Gore House Productions.

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