Stanislaus State Daybook 5-25-22 – Oakdale Leader

The Daybook provides insight into what’s happening at Stanislaus State University in Turlock. A calendar of Stan State events is available on the University Events website. See online at:

Celebrate the Class of 2022

Stan State will celebrate the Class of 2022 at on-campus commencement ceremonies in the University Amphitheater on Thursday, May 26 and Friday, May 27. This year, 3,130 graduates and 306 degree recipients will be honored at four ceremonies.

Among this year’s graduates is Carol Barr, who, at 62, graduated from the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in theater arts. Barr’s journey to graduating has been no easy feat, and she’s a living embodiment of the phrase “never give up.”

Barr has faced and overcome three life-threatening incidents over the years, including being hit by a drunk driver while walking through a crosswalk and being diagnosed with cancer. The third incident happened earlier this year, just months before the start of this week. On Thursday, Barr will join her daughter Virginia, a Turlock High School English teacher, as a proud Stan State alumnus.

“I plan to be living proof that nothing is impossible,” Barr said. “There is life after catastrophic loss, after 50 years and even in the face of death. I want everyone to know they can do it again. Apprenticeship is for everyone: the disabled, the young, the old. It’s never too late.”

Stan State Rankings

The quality and value of a Stanislaus State education has once again been nationally recognized by MONEY Magazine, which ranked the university No. 19 in the nation on its 2022 list of “Best Colleges in America, ranked by value” and #10 on its regional “Best Colleges in the West” list.

Teaching future teachers

Assistant Professor Arturo Nevarez’s dissertation, “Reading ‘Racial Grammar’: Developing Latinx Students’ Racial Literacy in Ethnic Studies Classrooms to Name and Resist Racism,” won the Outstanding Dissertation Award from the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Division K 2022.

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