The association is preparing for book donations

By Makeida Antonio

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A local non-governmental organization (NGO) has reached the final stages of collecting academic materials for donation to educational institutions in Antigua and Barbuda.

The Nolan Hue Foundation yesterday closed its December book drive, in which several members of the organization helped clean and sort textbooks and other materials useful for educational purposes.

Book collection resulted in textbooks covering various topics including English language and literature, mathematics, history, geography, business, accounting and natural sciences including biology, chemistry and environmental sciences.

The Nolan Hue Foundation’s public relations and marketing manager, Dwana Anderson, told Observer that the organization’s calendar initiative aims to reduce costs associated with educating students across the country.

“The Nolan Hue Foundation’s academic and historical book collection is part of our voluntary initiatives for 2021. The purpose of the collection is to help reduce the cost of learning for university students, by donating the books received at the UWI Five Islands campus and public library, ”Anderson said yesterday.

According to Anderson, his role within the Nolan Hue Foundation is to propose and implement measures to improve and / or protect the image and the work of the organization, manage and hold the TEA * subcommittee responsible for carrying out their responsibilities and overseeing effective management of social media. pages, content, questions and concerns, and ensuring that all of Nolan Hue’s visuals are consistent with the overall brand.

She also explained that the concept of collecting books grew out of a place of personal experience throughout her school life.

“The idea for the initiative came to me when I remembered that I couldn’t afford to buy textbooks and had to borrow books from former students and the library. The Nolan Hue Foundation prioritizes youth development and sees this initiative as a way to give back, ”said Anderson.

Nolan Hue Foundation CEO Regis Burton said donation ceremonies will be held at the National Public Library and the Five Island Campus of the University of the West Indies by the end of this week and the start of the next week respectively.

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