The BFM service offers support for Covid compliance


Navigating the health and safety environment may be enough of a challenge, but Covid has added new pressures for the furniture manufacturing industry.

Support in this vital area is at your fingertips to ensure compliance, through the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) department of British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM).

Developed to help furniture manufacturers keep their workers safe and their business compliant to avoid lawsuits, service is one of the benefits most valued by members of the trade body.

Led by Alistair Bromhead, it has proven to be of great value as the industry deals with the changing work environment during the pandemic.

BFM chief executive Nick Garratt said: “The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is calling on UK businesses to make sure they are secure against Covid.

“The inspectors are on the ground, putting employers on the spot and checking that they are complying with the health and safety law.

“The HSE announces that it is still continuing its Covid-19 spot checks at workplaces, especially with an increasing number of office workers returning to the workplace. By September 2021, some 316,000 checks had been carried out.

“Being safe from Covid means being adaptable to current guidelines and putting measures in place to control the risk of coronavirus in order to protect workers and others.

“By law, employers have a duty to protect workers and others from harm, and that includes taking reasonable steps to control the risk and protect people from the coronavirus.

“It is important that workers are aware of the measures that will be put in place to help them work safely.

“Our EHS department is here to help you ensure compliance. This includes 24/7 access to BFM’s online advice, manuals and downloadable models.

“Members can also access BFM’s free hotline, as well as one-on-one on-site support at greatly discounted rates and a monthly EHS newsletter.

An attractive feature of BFM membership is the provision of a subsidized first visit in the year for EHS issues – at a rate of £ 125 + VAT + travel costs.

Any additional tours are then billed at the normal daily rate of £ 450 + VAT + travel costs, which is a significant discount from the typical market rate.

Services available include: reviewing EHS issues; noise surveys; audiometry (hearing tests); spirometry (monitoring asthma in people exposed to wood dust or coatings); monitoring of exposure to dust LEV test (local exhaust ventilation); and assists in risk assessment, training or compliance with improvement notices.

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