When Actors Community Theater (ACTS) began rehearsals for their next production Ladies Day, Two years ago, no one could have imagined what would happen to the world in early 2020. The band was only three weeks away from opening at the Cardenal Belluga Theater in San Fulgencio when the ax fell and that a strict lockdown has been introduced to combat the Covid 19 pandemic.

Like other similar organizations, ACTS members were prevented from meeting and rehearsals were halted. Even when the restrictions were relaxed, it was only possible to have limited meetings and only in the form of glorified readings with cast members respecting the distancing rules and seated at separate tables.

While other theater and entertainment groups suffered from the same problems; added to the predicament of ACTS, a series of disasters and setbacks followed. First of all, two key members of the production team were lost for good, for personal reasons on the one hand and serious illness on the other.

Then a whole new series of other health-related woes were experienced. One a broken leg following a fall which, due to complications, prevented the actor in question from attending rehearsals for seven weeks; and several other incidents, including the need to self-isolate by some members of the cast.

These were followed by director Colin Bird, receiving phone calls from the UK informing him that there had been a fire at his and his wife’s property in Suffolk, and the death of a friend. expensive in Bermuda – none of which could be tracked, due to severe international travel restrictions.

Eventually, the production manager and her husband announced they would have to return to the UK for much needed specialist medical treatment and miss performance dates.

No one in the group could have been blamed for thinking the Omens shouldn’t be ignored and possibly the production canceled. The gods of Am Dram didn’t seem to be smiling on ACTS.

But the group, at the origin of recent productions like The game that goes Wrong and Girls Calendar among others, Struggled Through Winds and Tides are now proud to announce that the highly anticipated Ladies day takes place from Thursday 28e until Saturday 30e October at Cardenal Belluga, San Fulgencio with tickets available by email: [email protected] or by phone, message or WhatsApp at 602 683 925.

Profits donated to local charities.


The story of four women who decide to ease their boredom as packers in a fish processing plant to attend Ladies’ Day at York Racecourse.

The day turns out to be more than they expected and has a dramatic effect on each of their lives.

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