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Korina Sanchez-Roxas celebrates the final quarter of 2021 as she continues to thrive as the PMPC Star Awards for Television recently honored her with her coveted Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Broadcasting, a tribute to her prodigious career as one of the most respected and accomplished broadcast journalists.

For nearly four decades, Korina has consistently reinvented herself as one of the broadcast industry’s most trusted leaders by being the main anchor for some of ABS-CBN’s groundbreaking shows such as Hoy Gising. , The World Tonight, Bandila, Balitang K, Rated K, TV Patrol and its current magazine show Rated Korina which airs weekly on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z Kapamilya Online Live, The Filipino Channel, TV 5 and Cignal TV One PH as well as some of DZMM’s most iconic shows such as Tambalang Failon in Sanchez and Korina Sa Umaga while serving as the chief correspondent of ABS-CBN’s integrated news and current affairs division for more than two decades.

Recent PMPC Star Awards Excellence in Broadcasting Lifetime Achievement Award

As a broadcaster, Korina has won all of the major awards in the Philippines and a handful of international awards, including the prestigious Ka Doroy Trophy for Broadcaster of the Year, making her recent recognition at the PMPC Star Awards for Television another feather in her favor. cap as she joins the company of former award winners, namely Bong Lapira, Noli De Castro, Tina Monson-Palma, Mike Enriquez, Maria Ressa and Luchi Cruz-Valdez, among others.

When asked how she felt when she received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Broadcasting, Korina replied, “I feel old. Hahaha! When you receive an award for all of your accomplishments, it is as if you were an elder. I’m still thrilled, of course. You know, I do things for myself and my standards, mostly. In other words, if I wanted to make a real difference through my work, I will do it according to my standards of efficiency, effectiveness and by achieving the goal of making that difference. It’s never one-dimensional for me. May have a dapat effect. And this effect that I like to measure. It’s idiosyncratic on the outside. But I happen to think that we all have to do determined and determined work. I’m glad the PMPC appreciates this, they saw it in my work and were rewarded as a bonus! What a thrill! But make no mistake about it. I barely finished.

Best Talk Show Host on Korina Sa Umaga by DZMM

Korina also reveals that she is dedicating the award to God who blesses her with lasting health, energy and opportunity; and to her family who support her so much, especially now that she chooses to continue working despite being a busy mother of two. “Heaven knows we need more and more workers, hopefully for the greater good – in our own way,” Korina says.

“I also dedicate the award to the people I work with. They are the unsung heroes every time an individual steps onto a stage and receives a trophy. I even used to make replicas of my trophies to distribute to staff! Without the people who work around us, with us and for us, we are nothing.

CMMA Award for Best News News when Korina was a solo presenter on TV Patrol

Korina is also very grateful to her home networks, “To my home networks and to the producers who made it easy for me to be. They all know I can hardly be led, hahaha! But I think they know I’m doing my best and doing my best to play by the rules. But I guess Mavericks can’t be locked up because solutions to problems are achievable in a thousand different ways. Basta, sagot ko ang hinihingi nila. And we have developed relationships of mutual respect. At MBS Channel 4, my first job where I brewed coffee for Mel Tiangco (she didn’t know) and cut paper for Xerox machines, as a meteorologist and Cub reporter. They were my first family.

Korina remembers her debut with ABS-CBN: “They saw me go to ABS-CBN where the Lopezes saw the 20th something from Korina to Lola Korina hahahaha! So much history in ABS-CBN where I traveled the world telling stories through my eyes. I have winged it several times pero, pasado naman hahaha! The golden years of un-oppressed free journalism have taken place at ABS-CBN and what a blessing to have been a part of that history. The Lopezes fought several times for me to stay. They gave me plenty of room to grow: being a reporter, host, executive producer, learning lighting, directing and editing, producing, making news… even entertainment! I will be eternally grateful.

KBP Hall of Fame Award for Category K

And in these difficult times, Korina is also very grateful to TV5, A2Z and Brightlight Productions for getting her back when her home network was shut down. They believe in her because she does her best for them no matter what.

Truly, Korina’s career is to have an amazing run coupled with a life she was given to do the best job in the world – a life in broadcast where she could make such a difference.

Best Magazine Show For The 32nd PMPC Star Awards For Television

And with that comes all the learning. Korina explains that a life in audiovisual journalism is not easy. It’s not about glamor. It is and should always be doing what it takes to produce only the best, given all the limitations – she used to paint her own set and make up her interviewees.

She and her team swam, climbed, hid and fought. Legwork is really for the young, but Korina believes the wisdom of the elders is invaluable.

Pasado Award for Ranked K

For Korina, all of this is useless unless you have a goal and achieve it: “You have to make a difference. It can and should never be touch and go. Keep doing this until not only does the truth come out, but you do something to change it for the better. The media are powerful and audiovisual journalists have an obligation.

“Having said that, and despite everything I’ve put on, it’s not all of you. That’s not all, ”Korina explains. “Life is so short and so varied, you have to learn to balance it with many other passions that may have nothing to do with broadcasting. Like having children and raising them after 50. Like saving animals from cruelty. Like scuba diving and travel to the Philippines and around the world. Remember that God has given us so much.

Rotary Club of Manila Journalism Awards for Excellence in Journalism

And regarding the next chapters of her career as an icon in audiovisual journalism, Korina says: “These are uncertain times, but we have managed to keep going. I believe and I claim that everything will be better and that the worst is almost over. And with all of this reopening, I can only hope we all come out as better human beings because this dark chapter must have taught us some things. We have to prove that we are worth escaping extinction. And then after dark, the light again. It is so exciting. Who knows what’s next? Sky is the limit.”

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