Three-day book fair begins at Sindhi Adabi’s board – Newspaper

HYDERABAD: A three-day book fair kicked off at the Sindhi Adabi Board (SAB) on Sunday. The event was opened by SAB President, Makhdooom Saeeduzaman Atif.

Speaking on the occasion, Makhdoom Atif said the fair will attract young people and promote the culture of reading books.

He said the council would hold a Sindhi-Urdu mushaira next month, which would help strengthen ties between the two communities and promote harmony.

Five books — Qurran Majeed ja moti, Gulshan raaz, Aah ji aahee zaat, deewan mamoo and man andar — were launched on the first day of the fair.

Tribute was paid to the late Makhdoom Talibul Maula, who had been Chairman of the SAB, at the conference held during the deliberations. It was chaired by the poet Shabbir Shah Haatif. Dr Abdul Ghaffar Soomro, Sarfaraz Rajar, Mukhtiar Malik and Dr Mohammad Pathan were guests of honour.

Shabbir Shah said that Talibul Maula had worked on Sindhi language alphabets and lexicon, adding that he had also encouraged young poets and writers. He said the Makhdoom transformed SAB from a one-room office into a beautiful building.

Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Soomro said Talibul Maula was proficient in Sindhi poetry and prose and research was another aspect of this literary figure. He said that in the spiritual sense he looked great after Makhdoom Nooh Sarwar.

Mukhtiar Malik said Talibul Maula was an uncontroversial comrade among his peers. He said he was an ideologically progressive man. He had a fondness for music that was evident in his poetry, he added.

Sarfaraz Rajar said that Talibul Maula had a multidimensional personality. He had devoted his life to Sindhi language, scholarship and literature.

Posted in Dawn, February 14, 2022

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